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The 5 biggest things you’ll learn in this course.

  • How to find the best practices to purchase In your area
  • ​What brokers don’t want you to know
  • How to make sure you are increasing your take home income
  • How to measure the upside potential of a practice
  • How to transition ownership in the easiest way possible

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San Antonio, TX
"It is safe to say that having this course has changed my life in a lot of ways. Particularly Module #23, which was very helpful in helping me purchase an under-performing practice and only one year later it is generating double the revenue I paid for. I'd recommend this guide to any dentist looking to buy a practice"

You should take this course if…

  • You're a Dental Associate looking to get into practice ownership
  • ​You're a Practice Owner looking to move to a new city
  • ​You're a Dental Student who already knows you want to go into practice ownership
  • ​You're already a successful Practice Owner, and you're looking to buy more practices
  • ​You're struggling to find great practices to buy
  • ​You're afraid of getting ripped off
  • ​You don't know what to look for in a practice acquisition target
  • ​You're overwhelmed by the whole process and you're looking for a proven system that you can just follow and achieve excellent results

You shouldn’t take it if…

  • You're only interested in building a startup practice
  • ​​You'd rather be an employee for someone else, than own your own business
  • ​You're not ready to take control of your career
  • ​You'd rather poke yourself in the eye than work on yourself

Hit Me With That Course Syllabus!!

This course is extremely in-depth and leaves no stone unturned!

  • Module 1 - Introduction
  • Module 2 - The Fundamentals
  • Module 3 - Practice Revenue Models
  • Module 4 - Terminology
  • Module 5 - Getting Ready For Practice Ownership
  • Module 6 - The Successful Buyer Roadmap
  • Module 7 - Making Yourself a Prime Lending Candidate
  • Module 8 - The Ideal Demographics To Find Great Practices
  • Module 9 - Studying Your Market & Developing a Strategy
  • Module 10 - The 6-Step Acquisition Process
  • Module 11 - The 8 Secrets of Great Dental Practices To Buy
  • Module 12 - Developing Your Target Office Profile
  • Module 13 - Finding The Best Practices To Buy
  • Module 14 - How To Perform A Financial Analysis
  • Module 15 - The Fact-Finding Process
  • Module 16 - Performing A Soft Operational Analysis
  • Module 17 - How To Calculate The Practice Price
  • Module 18 - How To Structure The Deal
  • Module 19 - How To Purchase The Accounts Receivables
  • Module 20 - How To Calculate Your Take Home Pay
  • Module 21 - Choosing Between Practice Opportunities
  • Module 22 - Submitting a Letter Of Intent (LOI)
  • Module 23 - Hiring a Strong Team Of Advisors
  • Module 24 - Credentialing & Insurance Negotiations Process
  • Module 25 - Securing Favorable Financing
  • Module 26 - Visiting The Practice & Meeting The Seller 
  • Module 27 - The Due Diligence Process
  • Module 28 - Performing a Competitive & Marketing Analysis
  • Module 29 - Conducting a Full Operational Analysis
  • Module 30 - How to Perform a Practice Upside Opportunity Assessment
  • Module 31 - Assessing the Hygiene Department
  • Module 32 - Assessing the Staff 
  • Module 33 - Assessing the Equipment & IT
  • Module 34 - Calculating the Acquisition Score
  • Module 35 - Closing The Purchase
  • Module 36 - What To Do (& What Not To Do) In The First 90 Days (The Transition)
  • Module 37 - Improving The Practice In The First Year
  • Module 38 -  Decreasing Operating Costs
  • Module 39 - Implementing Checklists
  • Module 40 - Implementing Business Intelligence
  • Module 41 - Re-branding
  • Module 42 - Increasing New Patients
  • Module 43 - Improving Patient Retention
  • Module 44 - Tighten up Collections Process   
  • Module 45 - Increasing Case Acceptance
  • Module 46 - Improving Hygiene 
  • Module 47 - Reactivating Patients 
  • Module 48 - Investing in Clinical CE
  • Module 49 - Marketing Strategies
  • Module 50 - Conclusion

50 Modules

52 Hours of Content

20 Resources To Keep

Get Lifetime Access to "How Associate Dentists Become Successful Practice Owners"

Our Faculty

We've assembled the DREAM TEAM of successful practice owners and dental experts to help guide you in purchasing the right dental practice

Dr. Bruce Baird

Founder and CEO of Productive Dentist Academy, Dr. Baird is one of the most productive dentists in the country producing over $2,500 an hour and helping other dentists do the same.

Dr. David Phelps

Founder of Freedom Founders, Dr. David Phelps has helped hundreds of dentists add Real Estate investing to their wealth creation strategy.

Dr. Christoper Phelps

An entrepreneur and Amazon bestselling author, Chris is also a dentist owner of 4 practices. Chris is an expert in driving up production and profits in the first year after purchasing a practice.

Dr. Alexander Ferdkoff

Dr. Ferdkoff has acquired a fixer upper practice and doubled revenue within the first year. He is also a partner in a high producing practice doing over $1.6M while seeing an average of 100 new patients a month.

Dr. David Janash

Dr. Janash is the founder & CEO of Underbite Management,  he has purchased 9 practices in the most competitive market in the world, New York City.

Dr. Vivek Solanski

Dr. Solanski has developed a proven system for Dental Specialists to buy GP practices by creating a win-win situation that doubles the value of their practice in just 3 short years.

Weston Lunsford

As co-founder & CEO of Dental Intelligence, Weston has revolutionized practice management and acquisitions with the use of data intelligence to enable data-driven decision making and find growth opportunities in practices that no one else can see.

Robert Montgomery

Rob has been serving the legal needs of dentists for over 20 years and has worked on hundreds of dental practice and real estate acquisitions.Rob regularly lectures to audiences across the country and is the co-founder and co-host of The Dental Amigos Podcast. 

Kent Miller

Founder & CEO of Dentagraphics, Kent Miller has broken down the ideal locations to buy practices into a proven science that anyone can use to buy the best practices in the best locations.

Real Life REVIEWS 

From Dentists Who Are Now Successful Practice Owners!

Atlanta, GA
"This Online Course is a must for anyone looking to buy a practice. It has helped me avoid many mistakes and I continue to refer back to it as I'm going down this path. I've been able to own 2 dental practices and I'm looking to buy more."
Los Angeles, CA
“Module 4 completely changed how I set my strategy, allowing me to compete in one of the most competitive markets in the country. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is buying a practice"
Tampa, FL
"Module 5 helped me avoid a big mistake and buy the wrong practice that would have brought me a lot of headaches. Then they helped me find a great practice to buy that met many of the criterias."
New York City, NY
"Module 7 has been crucial in helping me in my path to owning 10 dental practices. Fabio Oliveira has always dedicated himself to helping dentists reach their goals, and I would recommend him to anyone looking to go into practice ownership."


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